How It Works

See how convenient our testing systems is.

step_1   Order Biometric Test Collection Kit

  • Order your biometric Omega-3 test by clicking
    “Order Now”
  • Here, create a personal account on the OmegaBloodScore website. This is where you download your omega results.

step_2   Prepare Blood Sample

  • Your biometric kit includes everything you need to prepare and collect your blood sample.
  • Ensure that you read the instructions carefully before you initiate your test.

step_3   Ship Prepared Blood Sample

  • Clear instructions for safe and compliant shipping of your blood sample is included in your kit. Ensure to follow these instructions carefully.
  • Specific regulations must be followed in order to ship your blood sample within compliance.
  • All needed supplies for correct shipping can be found within your kit, including a pre-paid shipping label.

step_4   Download Results

  • You will receive an email with confirmation that your results are available for download.
  • Log into your Omega Blood Score account and download your results.

step_5   Intervention

  • After careful analysis of your Omega blood level you will know if you need to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, or if your current intake is sufficient for optimal health.
  • Omega levels may be increased through certain food sources or supplementation. Consult with your physician or a nutrition professional to discuss your options.

step_6   Repeat

  • Repeat the Omega Blood Score test after a 3-month  intervention to ensure that you are adding adequate amounts of omega to your daily diet.

Take Charge of Your Future

The Omega-3 Whole Blood Test can be ordered for $59.99. When you receive the test, follow the simple instructions, then mail the kit back. Once the sample is analyzed, your results will be emailed to you, usually within two weeks of receipt.

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