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omega-3 Test for less.

Could your brain literally be bigger? Are you at risk of developing heart disease or suffering a fatal heart attack? Is your body set up to be constantly inflamed? The Omega Blood Score has answers.

Why pay more for less?

The Omega Blood Score report includes a complete omega-3/fish oil analysis for just $67.95 That’s $32 less than our biggest competitors equivalent report.

Learn what your actual omega-3 levels are including:

EPA (veins and heart)

DHA (brain and eyes)

Bad omega-6’s (inflamed)

The brain is the fattiest organ in the human body and it needs omega-3 fatty acids like DHA to grow and function at its best. If your DHA level is low your memory and executive function will improve when corrected.

If your omega-3 levels are low, your heart is suffering. Omega-3s are proven to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterols. People with good levels of omega-3s are less likely to develop, experience, and die from a heart attack.

Watch this short Instructional Video explaining how to take the test.

Save time and quickly compare the available omega-3 tests Competition Comparison

Omega Blood ScoreDetermine what your personal Omega-3 scores are today and gain a better understanding of how to improve your score through diet and/or supplementation.

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Competition Comparison

For 15 years we have only sold to doctors and researchers. For the first time ever we are selling directly to the public and cutting out  Dr. Middleman.

2017 – $159

Today – $67.95

Results Omega-3
Index Basic
Omega Blood
Index Plus
Index Complete
Price $54.95 $67.95 $79.95 $99.95
Difference 19% less Best value +19% / $12.5 +48% / $32
Report Informtion Less info Complete info Less info Same info
Sample Shipping
Not Proven;
Results May
Not be Valid
Scientifically Proven Not Proven;
Results May
Not be Valid
Not Proven;
Results May
Not be Valid
Sample Shipping
Blood Spot Microtainer with EDTA
for Stability
Blood Spot Blood Spot
Omega-3 Whole
Blood Score
Omega-3 Serum
Equivalence Test
Full Fatty Acid Profile
Omega-3 Index
Omega6:Omega3 Ratio
AA: EPA Ratio

What will your report look like?

Look at the simple and easy to understand sample report here.

Are You Wondering If Omega-3’s May Help A Specific Symptom, Disease, or Condition Not Shown?

Check Out The Disease and Symptoms Section For More Information

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. was the first company in the world to sell an omega-3 test that users could administer themselves. In 2002 Nutrasource began selling Omega Blood Score kits to doctors. In 2004 Nutrasource started the International Fish Oil standards Program, IFOS. IFOS tests fish oils for compliance, contamination, mercury levels and to confirm their omega-3, EPA and DHA levels.

Your test kit will arrive within days with everything needed. This includes a pre-paid and pre-labelled shipping bag to send your sample to Cleveland Heart Labs. Cleveland Heart Labs analyzes your sample and sends the results back to Nutrasource. Nutrasource puts your raw data into a simple, colour coded report and uploads the report file to your account.

Once this is done you receive an email telling you your results are ready in PDF form.

We suggest purchasing another kit in 3 months time to confirm any changes in dosage are achieving the desired results. Your body can take 2-3 months to stabilize to any changes in fatty acid intake.

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